Kendrick Perkins Trade Leaves Celtics Chore Wheel In Chaos

Boston – The Boston Celtics’ locker room has descended into chaos in the month since Kendrick Perkins was traded to Oklahoma City.  Perkins, a famously conscientious teammate, was traded just before his turn to clean the showers, a task Jermaine O’Neal had failed to do the previous week.  Rajon Rondo attempted to recalibrate everyone’s chores, but accidentally assigned Glen Davis both recycling duty and washing the dish towels.  Davis responded by refusing to do any cleaning, and then got into a testy conversation with Von Wafer over whose turn it was to buy a new Brita filter.  Paul Pierce sent the entire team an e-mail saying he “had noticed some chores weren’t getting done,” but only three players showed up for Pierce’s requested team meeting.

Now, a month later, the chore wheel is hidden behind a takeout menu, no one is showering, and everyone is using paper plates because the dishes are all dirty.  The only part of the locker room which remains clean is the recliner chair, which Kevin Garnett vacuums obsessively and prevents anyone else from using.


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