Sexing Your Printer

[Note: not sure if this is funny or gross, but I’ve spent too long writing printer-related words to retain any perspective on the matter – NM]

My work week has been dominated by printing hundreds of event invitations.  At one point, the printer stopped pulling in the nice paper stock from the paper tray in the back.  I devised a low-tech solution involving cardboard to alter the angle at which the paper enters the printer.  It worked.

As soon as it worked, my thought process went pretty much like this: angle of approach –> better entry angle –> bedroom pillows –> sexy printer manuals.

So below is one entry from that soft-core manual, detailing my solution to the paper-feeding problem.  (It’s an image file because WordPress won’t let me use Courier and I think any self-respecting printer manual uses Courier New.  Click for much bigger version).

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