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notes on blog traffic 2

You heard it here first.  People are going to be Flo, the Progressive Woman, for Halloween.  Her, and Tim Lincecum.

Yesterday was my single highest day of blog traffic ever.  Click for a bigger view:

By the way, Tim Lincecum would be a great Halloween costume.

Here’s how people found my blog:

Only 2 of 103 queries is for something I'm remotely proud of writing

Tim Lincecum Will Be The Richest Stoner in San Francisco

Guys, the weed's on me tonight

Tim Lincecum of the Giants filed an arbitration claim for $13,000,000 yesterday.  The Giants countered with $8,000,000.  He is due for a big pay day, and there’s little to suggest that he isn’t worth that much.

But this is really bad news for players in general, as it marks a further decline in baseball’s willingness to employ a mediocre player just because he’s been around for ten years.  I elaborate on this over on All Swings Considered.