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Indianapolis Tourism Bureau Posts Fliers In Local Coffee Shops Advertising Super Bowl

Indianapolis, IN – Indianapolis Tourism Bureau employees have been making the rounds of local coffee shops this week, posting fliers and plugging the upcoming Super Bowl. “We’re expecting quite a turnout for the last football game of the year,” said Bureau events director Marvin Stuckley. “But it never hurts to advertise.”

Bureau in-house graphic designer Phyllis Turtledove, fresh off her clever Evite for the Bureau’s holiday party, created the 8.5″ x 11″ flyer. “I always say, if you can’t tell what you’re reading, it isn’t a good flier,” said Ms. Turtledove, 52.

“It’s an all-ages show, so we aren’t just hitting the coffee shops,” said Mr. Stuckley. “We want the world to know there are things to do in Indianapolis for families and for our elderly folks.” Towards that end, the Super Bowl will be one of three rotating events displayed on the downtown library’s electronic readerboard. “I’ll post it to our Facebook account if I can remember the dang password,” Mr. Stuckley added, as he finished punching holes out of a stack of door hangers. “If we do this right and people have a good time, we think this game will put Indianapolis on the map for football.”