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link: bad video game writing

I’ve talked a bit here about my disappointment with the writing in Starcraft 2.  A writer over on OverthinkingIt feels similarly.  I don’t entirely agree with the article, and it holds a couple paragraphs which could have used some copy-editing.  But whenever the banner of better writing in video games is flown, it deserves some linkage.

A treatise on crappy genre writing wherein we posit the existence of millions of dollars to be made off of these people, if only we knew how to lower our standards

This is a very long and rambling post about fantasy/sci fi literature and how most of it is terrible.  I’m hiding it after a jump so as not to make the front page of my blog really long, and to hide all the cool points I’m losing for posting this.  Still, if you have thoughts on the matter, I’d love to have a discussion about it.  I’m out of college, I can’t take comp lit classes anymore, so to the Internet I turn.

On to the musings

graphing age against being impressed

I’m beginning to suspect that one benefit of getting older is that things these days are more frequently nuts.  When you’re young, everything is impressive because everything is new (“Traffic lights!  Who thought of that!?!”).  Recently I’ve learned that one measure of a Starcraft 2 player’s skills is APM, or Actions Per Minute, which the game measures and can show you in replays.  Professional Korean gamers average 250-300 APM.  That’s nuts.  I’ve also learned that (at least) one kind of brain surgery requires cutting off a piece of the skull and keeping it exposed for six hours while the doctor simultaneously operates and tries to prevent the brain from drying out.  People routinely survive this sort of treatment.  This is also nuts.