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I’m proud of this silly blog post I wrote for work

My day job is working as the Communications Coordinator for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.* Sometimes I get to take some creative license with the blog posts I write for the organization. I want to share one here because I’m proud of how it turned out, and happy that I have a job that lets me make these kinds of silly jokes.

Are You Willing To Give Yourself To This People Counting Program?

– from the blog of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Also, this blog post echoes work I’ve done here.

*Don’t look our website up right now. It’s awful. Just read our blog or follow us on Twitter (@bcgp). We’ll get a new website fairly soon.

The Ludlum Orthodox

Can you guess which of the book titles below are real Robert Ludlum novels?  Answer after the break:

The Matarese Circle
The Bourne Objective
The Sigma Protocol
The Rhinemann Exchange
The Parsifal Mosiac
The Hades Factor
The Janson Directive
The Bourne Sanction
The Arctic Event
The Prometheus Deception
The Moscow Vector
The Altman Code
The Chancellor Manuscript
The Lazarus Vendetta
The Bancroft Strategy
The Jezebel Defenestration
The Aquitaine Progression
The Tristan Betrayal
The Cassandra Compact
The Gemini Contenders
The Ambler Warning
The Holcroft Covenant
The Scarlatti Inheritance
The Infinity Affair
The Icarus Agenda
The Osterman Weekend
The Apocalypse Watch
The Matlock Paper
The Scorpio Illusion
The Matarese Countdown

Ready for the answer?