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Report: Madoff Fabricated Return On Mets’ Investment Of Oliver Perez

New York – The Mets announced that Bernie Madoff misled the team into believing they had received a profitable rate of return on pitcher Oliver Perez.  The Mets invested the Mexican lefthander with Madoff in 2006.  “We thought we had a promising asset giving a high rate of return,” said Mets ower Fred Wilpon.  “It turns out he was one of the worst pitchers in all of baseball.”  Madoff supplied the Mets with spreadsheets and baseball cards showing Perez as having a devastating fastball-slider combination and excellent control.  The Mets in return signed the pitcher to a $36-million dollar contract in February 2009, the year after Perez led the National League in walks.  Wilpon interpreted the negative industry reaction to the contract as envy.  “I was led to believe Perez won the Cy Young in 2009.  I did not at the time understand why the award ceremony we held in his honor made everyone so uncomfortable.”  Trustees seeking to recover assets for victims of the Madoff scandal said they have “zero” interest in reclaiming Perez.

It’s March, and the Mets Are Losing

I saw the second to last game ever at Shea Stadium, where Johan Santana pitched a complete game in the drizzle.  Thanks to that ticket purchase, which had everything to do with Shea Stadium and nothing to do with my affinity for the Mets, this weekend I received a glossy flier advertising the 2010 Mets season.  The slogan?

It's only March, but the Mets are already losing, apparently.

I’m not one to judge, rooting as I do for a team whose motto last season sounded like the slogan of a losing political candidate (“A New Day, A New Way” – Seattle Mariners 2009).  But as my housemate pointed out, “Boy, the Mets seem to be admitting that they’re already losing.”

Should be a great season.