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Little Plates, Big Tapas 3: closing night

Yesterday was closing night of Little Plates, Big Tapas.  All six of us actors were loopy and energetic for the performance.  Ali was feeling sick, and the rest of us took a pre-show shot of the horrible, bottom-shelf 151-proof rum we’ve been lighting on fire during the Fire Dog dish finale.  We improvised more in this show, which extended the show by about 8 minutes, but I think it was funny and playful and worth it.  One compliment I’ve heard about our show is that it retained the energetic feel of improv comedy.  That has been very nice to hear because, like movement on a fastball, I’m not sure that such a vibe can be taught.  If this play felt scripted and methodical, it would have been very hard to intentionally inject playfulness.

There is apparently a theater tradition of screwing with one’s fellow actors as the run nears its end.  With only four performances, we saved our sabotage for closing night.   Continue reading