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Fighting Back: Honking Taxis

Premise: car honking is irritating and way too prevalent in Philadelphia.  It lowers everybody’s standard of living and increases testiness.

Contributing cause: taxi cabs who honk at anybody they think might be looking for a cab.

You! Standing on the sidewalk and sort of near the curb! Need a cab?

Seriously.  I don’t know anybody who doesn’t know they need a cab until a cab honks at them.  This isn’t Junior Mints you’re selling.  (“Want a Junior Mint?”  “Um, yeah, sure!”)  You either want a cab, or you don’t.  I also don’t know anybody who tries to hail a cab in any manner other than standing on the curb, watching traffic, and raising a hand when a cab is spotted.

So, cab driver: is the person you’re honking at doing this?

The time-honored method


If not, they’re probably not looking for the services of a taxi.

But we know cab drivers will not stop their pointless honking.  Most of them don’t even read this blog.  So here’s how we fight this:

If you see a cab, raise your hand and hail it.  When it pulls over, wave them off.  If they get mad, say, “Oh, sorry, I wasn’t looking for a cab.”

Repeat until everybody hates everybody.