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Chipper Jones May Be Done

Chipper Jones tore his ACL and is probably done for the season.  He has spoken this year about retiring at the end of the season, so it’s reasonable to think that he has played his last Major League baseball game.

such a sweet swing

I think it’s fitting that he doubled in his (potentially) last major league at-bat, and that he finished on a four game hit streak where he went 8-13 with 4 doubles and a home run.  Chipper Jones has one of the sweetest swings in the game (particularly from the left side), and I have always respected his decision to stay with one team his entire career.  He’s one of the greatest switch hitters ever, he finished with more walks than strikeouts, and his .306 /.405 /.536 line over 17 seasons is unquestionably Hall of Fame worthy.

Edgar Martinez is a Hall of Famer, damnit

Do not tip this man

An Applebees waiter named Dan Shaughnessy posted an article on Sports Illustrated about how he’s not voting for Edgar Martinez for the Hall of Fame.  His reasoning, when boiled down, is that Edgar did not play in Boston.

I’m linking to a post I wrote in a flash of anger for All Swings Considered.  Please, if Dan Shaughnessy is your waiter, don’t tip.

My article:


Good argument for why Edgar Martinez is a Hall of Famer: