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Five Of My Favorite Moments of Physical Comedy Found Within Daily Life

All of these happen to me on a regular basis.

  • The awkward stumble of someone reaching the top of the stairs and thinking there is one more step than there actually is.
  • The hard jamming of a foot into the ground when someone is descending the stairs and expects one more step than there actually is.
  • The facial expression of someone anticipating a sneeze any second now.
  • The situation: A door swings outwards with a flat handle. You move towards the door and lean down on the handle, using your momentum to open the door and carry you through. You miss the handle and crash into the still-closed door.
  • The situation: A door opens in and to the left. You open the door with your left hand and execute a two-step motion, first leaning backwards slightly to pull the door open, then stepping forward with your right foot to pass through the widening portal of the swinging door. The bottom of the opening door hits and stops on the toe of your left shoe, and your forehead collides with the edge of the swinging door. 
  • You approach a puddle and attempt to leap across it. Your back foot slips at the moment of your leap and your other foot comes down hard in the middle of the puddle. This is indistinguishable from an attempt to make the biggest possible splash. Your shoe and ankle are soaked.

These moments, when they happen to me or I see them happen to someone else, invariably make me smile. Also, there are six items in this list because fuck listacles.