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some things I learned from movies over Thanksgiving break

To be fair, the movie was reasonably funny. And I love me some Patrick Warburton voice acting.

Lesson: Jerry Seinfeld’s dramatic range is no greater as an animated bee than it is when he plays himself in a sitcom.

Worth seeing, but keep expectations moderated.

Lesson: It is more difficult than you’d think to create a movie ending where everything goes off the rails in a satisfying manner.  Adaptation and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels are the shining examples here.

The dragon looks like a Pokemon ripoff.

Not sure why it wasn't funnier.

Lesson: A good way to test-run your animated kids movie: Put four boys ages 5-11 in a room with the movie and some blown-up balloons.  If, by the end, they’ve stopped watching the movie and are playing with the balloons, your movie probably isn’t very good.

white Christian wish fulfillment

Lesson: To be honest, I only saw about 30 minutes of this.  But I have never seen a more patronizing and exploitative 30 minutes of mainstream cinema.  Good lord.  The fact that this movie won awards and drew so many theatergoers is a bigger harbinger of this country’s demise than any economic indicators.

update: edited for spelling and because I calmed down a bit