My Digital Resolutions For 2013 (Not Numbered)

  • Never read the comments section.
  • Treat Facebook and Twitter like a phone call, not a television.
  • Do not flip out when a free website changes its terms of service. They’re allowed to do it; you’re allowed to stop using the website.
  • Support web artists whose work you value with purchases, not just pageviews.
  • Stop freeloading and donate to news outlets and service organizations whose missions you value.
  • Remember that sharing a link is neither a vote nor a donation.
  • Use Facebook only for conversation and link sharing, never as the platform for created content.
  • Stop reading articles with titles that begin “Top 15…” or “8 Best…” etc.
  • Continue to not use emoticons anywhere, in any fashion.
  • Apply a high standard of relevance and interest before attempting to tell someone about a video or comic you saw online.
  • Tweet like your girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, future employer, and favorite aunt are all reading it.
  • Make sure your blog post is important before going back to edit it after it’s ben publishedd.

3 thoughts on “My Digital Resolutions For 2013 (Not Numbered)

  1. fossi

    are kirby emoticons acceptable? i don’t know how else to display my constant emotional state (>’o’)>. also, i’m guilty of 1 2 4 5 8 10 and 12. someone should make online etiquette bingo so we can officially compete to see who’s the worst citizen of the internet

    1. nmirra Post author

      I respect a Kirby emoticon but won’t employ it. I’m also guilty of many of these, thus their status as resolutions. But a “worst citizen of the Internet bingo” game sounds like a lot of fun.

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