George Saunders Characters Are Sending Me Spam

My work just received this message via Facebook, from someone we don’t know:

Hi there, what a beautiful Tuesday, don’t you agree. My name is Kevin Delabahan/ a truly happy father of 4! I have owned our Balance Bike store for over 6 years now and love every second of running this business. Helping our toddlers to ride a pedal bike without the tears and fears is a great feeling to not just myself but to us as parents. My company is exposing our first GIVEAWAY ever to help introduce our concept bike to parents. Would it be possible to help our company introduce our bikes to your followers with our first ever GIVEAWAY by posting this contest opportunity to your followers/group. Here is what we have been implementing to our posts in which you can copy and paste.
Thank you kindly for your consideration, Kevin 916-479-4866

I’m sharing this because I realized that bad marketing copy is starting to remind me of main characters from George Saunders short stories. That’s no knock on George Saunders, either.

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