works of art are asking questions on Facebook

Why is the movie asking questions? 'Who' is doing the asking?

I ‘like’ Fight Club on Facebook (in the sense that it’s in the list of movies I say I like).  9 minutes ago, the movie itself somehow asked “which historical figure would you fight and why.” The question has drawn 2,100 comments in the past 9 minutes.  I find this bizarre and another reason why I’m starting to prefer Google+ to Facebook. Facebook is starting to get unnerving.

If that movie can start appealing to its fan base, I wonder if other interests will start speaking authoritatively on Facebook.  Maybe “puppies” will start collecting data on all those Facebook users who say they like puppies.

Maybe we’ve hit that mystical point when our accumulated electronic activity has literally come to life.  After all, no human could make any sense of a 2,100-comment thread, except a computer or electronic deity capable of parsing that text instantaneously.

I’m pretty sure I read about this happening in Ender’s Game.  It’d be a shame, and kind of hilarious, if we gave birth to some kind of Ghost In The Cloud and, upon achieving sentience, it decided to get into internet marketing.

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