Must be a slow news day

Is TwitterRegret a thing?

19,045 followers are busy at 4 pm

(Click for bigger view, if you want to be briefly bored).

Really?  Hasn’t that tweet just given me all the information I could possibly glean from this story?

I guess it must be a real slow news day.  Quick, an on-the-spot, top-5 list of things that might have happened Monday morning to push this story off the NBC programming schedule:

  1. Three dogs fell down a sewer and were saved.
  2. Really great lunch special being offered somewhere delicious in Philadelphia.
  3. President Obama said anything.
  4. Roy Halladay said something resembling an opinion on something other than pitching.
  5. The NBC Philadelphia Twitter guy overheard a sentence in the elevator that was kind of funny out of context.

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