a short acknowledgment of infrequent posting

I haven’t posted here for a while, and I want to say why so I don’t get more obnoxious comments like these.

The main and best reason is that I’ve started a new job.  I am the communications coordinator at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.  They are (we are!) a kick-ass nonprofit in Philly which advocates for increased bicycling infrastructure in the Greater Philadelphia Area, runs education programs in elementary and middle schools, and works with city and state lawmakers to make bicycling a bigger part of transportation and infrastructure planning.  Or something.  I haven’t quite nailed down our mission yet, but I’m guessing that’s close.

The other reason I haven’t been posting is because The Onion requests that freelance contributors like myself not use headlines we submit elsewhere.  Even if those headlines aren’t used by The Onion.  Also, The Onion asks that contributors like me not call themselves Onion writers, or contributors, or really give ourselves any kind of job title at all.  Needless to say, I’m pretty low on that totem pole.  Also needless to say, I’m going to listen to them, because they are The Onion and I am not.

In the meantime, I am now the main blog writer at the BCGP blog.  That is the best place to follow my organization’s advocacy work, so if you’re interested in bicycling in the Philly area, I recommend you check it out.  I’ve got some elbow room there, so I’m hoping to continue to use sarcastic phrases like “paragon urban planner.”


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