I typed “reputable” into Google and here are the suggested completions of my query:

click for unnecessarily larger image

I’d like to think that these suggested searches say something significant (bing!  100 alliteration points with 2.5x multiplier!  wooga wooga) about the way people think.  That these are the industries humanity has found the most disreputable, and the ones people have frequently dealt with to unsavory results.  No idea if it’s true, but humanity is a little more idiosyncratic if I believe this to be the case.

Incidentally, I had to look up what a bichon frise was.  They look like this:

a bichon frise, apparently

I really, really hope the world is saturated with conniving, shifty-eyed bichon frise dealers who sell trust fund sorority sisters adorable little white balls of fluff for two grand, balls which turn out to be baby weasels covered in talcum powder and pipe cleaners.  Another thing I’d like to give the world credit for, if it will accept it.


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