surprise Radiohead christmas

I’m not too connected to the world of music news, but apparently it’s pretty recent news that Radiohead’s next album is going to be available for download this Saturday.

I love how Radiohead seems to go out of their way to not make hoopla.  “Oh, by the way, our next album is coming out…NOW.”  One of the biggest bands in the world, avoiding the endless hype that seems a prerequisite for any artist or business that can command it.

Radiohead is one of my favorite bands.  This news is the equivalent to my mother knocking on my bedroom door one evening, leaning her head in, and saying, “Hey Nicholas, by the way, tomorrow’s Christmas.  Good night!”  And I had no idea.

1 thought on “surprise Radiohead christmas

  1. GoJetzoff

    I was really impressed by this too. An email from them showed up in my inbox that said, “New album” and some directions. I haven’t gotten an email from that list in years. I was actually kind of touched that they remembered me…


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