Little Plates, Big Tapas 2: press

We’re in the home stretch for Little Plates, Big Tapas.  Tomorrow is our dress rehearsal/preview, and Friday is opening night.  This afternoon Groundswell actor Jack Meaney joined Mayor Nutter, Charlie Manuel, and Jose Garces as faces that have graced the front of the Philly CityPaper website:

Click for bigger version.  Thanks to Ryan Carey and CityPaper for the press!

Our Saturday show is sold out.  Our Friday show is nearly so.  We have plenty of tickets available for Sunday and Monday’s shows.  Our show is (imho) a great Valentine’s Day activity for both sides of the love it/hate it spectrum.  Want to take a date to a funny theater show?  We’ve got seats for you.  Want to boycott the holiday?  Come see an absurd comedy with plenty of music, weird food, and Jack Meaney in a chef’s hat.  Win-win.


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