the best gchat conversation I’ve ever had

[The names have been changed to protect the awesome.  The conversation has not.]

me: did your evening turn out well Saturday night?
Jason: oh man
11:58 AM
we played beer pong til 9am
me: wow. at that bar, or at an apt?
Jason: on a rooftop apartment in brooklyn
it was unreal
i hooked up with a girl under a ping pong table cover
in the middle of the party
we have no idea who these girls are
met them on the street outside the bar
11:59 AM
me: wow
that’s a great night
Jason: this apartment was unreal
12:04 PM
and now i have her number
me: nice
did you remember her name?
12:05 PM
Jason: hahahaha
best part
not even the first letter
me: haha
Jason: so in the morning
im like
im still drunk
i have so little clue what her name is that i can’t even think of how to ask for her number
so i just leave
and i walk out still drunk
and get into an elevator filled with garbage
which turns out to be a service elevator
me: niiiiice
Jason: so i just stand there for awhile not able to figure it out
which gave her enough time to run out after
and she’s like oh i come down there sometimes and well uh you should take my number
so im like
you can do this
12:07 PM
“how do you spell your name”
on your game
me: good thinking for a drunk man standing in a service elevator filled with garbage
Jason: she goes, “erica, e-r-i-c-a”
fuck fuck fuck
ok, pull yourself out
me: yeah, I was going to guess that it was an easy one to spell
Jason: “no i meant your last name”
12:08 PM
me: brown “b-r-o-w-n”
Jason: “brown, b-r-o-w-n”
12:09 PM
me: wow
I was joking
Jason: im not even kidding
me: what just happened there was awesome
Jason: very very awesome
i love that yours came a SECOND before mine
me: yep
the truth is funnier than sarcasm
well its ok, probably happens to her a lot
weird name like that
Jason: well yeah
i have it in my phone now


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