The Jezebel Defenestration – From The Publisher

From the publisher:

N. Roland Norman, author of the one-in-a-lifetime-thriller The Prometheus Rumspringa, takes us on another thrill ride of our life.  Virus-packing elite terrorists take over a small factory in Topeka, Kansas.  A city that could be anywhere.  Who cares?  WRONG.  The factory makes air-filled packaging cushions, which are sent…worldwide.  And it’s almost Thanksgiving!  CORRECT.  The only man for the job?  Archer.  Pulse-pounding action.  Deadly quiet.  Insane calm.  What starts as a normal terrorist standoff turns serious when The Corporation Company becomes involved.  What will happen when an Immovable Rock meets an Intransigent Object?  OF COURSE.  Deadly love.  Now Archer is racing for his life, and the life of his one remaining love, while the fate of the world hinges on his next move, as Black Friday looms.  Only one thing is for certain.


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