monday morning metaphors

An office plant I’ve had on my desk for almost two years is blooming.  It was blooming when I first received it, a leftover decoration from a Board of Directors meeting.  Now it’s blooming again.

The office is mostly quiet today, as half the staff have taken off early for Christmas.

There are no pollinators in the building.  I work in a historical archive.  We intentionally try to kill all insects we find so they don’t damage anything.

What workers exist in the building are not interested in pollinating this plant.  Our work involves preservation and stasis, not creation or reproduction.

The plant sits near a double-insulated window.  On the other side is a forty-foot oak tree, its leaves bare for the winter.  Squirrels have been sequestering its acorns in the ground all fall.

We had a beehive near the front door this spring.  Our groundskeeper gassed the bees and tossed the hive in the yard waste recycling can.  The hive was a hundred feet away from the window.

Inside the window sits this little kalanchoe plant.  It’s blooming anyway.  No doubt a tremendous genetic effort.

Happy Monday.


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