A Pattern of Diminishing Bedards

 The Mariners (again) signed Erik Bedard, this time to a one-year, non-guaranteed contract.  He’ll have to make the team out of spring training, or we pay him little or nothing.  This is now the third time in a row we’ve acquired Bedard, each time for less.

So far, I can’t say the relationship is working out.  But at least the trend is interesting.  Aside from a slight boost in productivity in 2009, with each year the acquisition cost decreases, our expectations dwindle, and the results diminish:

This pattern suggests the contours of future Mariner-Bedard contracts:

2012:  The Mariners sign Bedard to a minor league deal, send him to AAA Tacoma.  We expect he might make the majors at some point in the season.  Bedard gets destroyed by the Salt Lake Bees, demoted to AA in June.

2013:  The Mariners give Bedard $20,000 under the table to pitch for the Everett Aquasox.  Bedard steals three laptops from the press booth.

2014:  The Mariners give Bedard a restraining order.  Bedard burns down Dustin Ackley’s house.

2015:  The Mariners hire Boris “Iceveins” Amerkhanov to kill Bedard.  Bedard signs a deal with the Texas Rangers, wins the AL Cy Young award, strangles Boris in the Safeco visitor’s clubhouse bathroom, and defeats the Mariners on the final day of the season, clinching the AL West for Texas.


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