notes on blog traffic 2

You heard it here first.  People are going to be Flo, the Progressive Woman, for Halloween.  Her, and Tim Lincecum.

Yesterday was my single highest day of blog traffic ever.  Click for a bigger view:

By the way, Tim Lincecum would be a great Halloween costume.

Here’s how people found my blog:

Only 2 of 103 queries is for something I'm remotely proud of writing


4 thoughts on “notes on blog traffic 2

  1. krefted

    You forgot a crucial piece in your analysis puzzle: Flo from Progressive has been pitching really well this postseason, and she led her team to the World Series. It only makes sense you’d see a traffic spike on the day of game one.

  2. nmirra Post author

    Quite true. That also explains the 154 hits I got yesterday. You can’t pitch a shutout in Game 2 of the World Series and not expect to be google image-searched a bunch.

  3. Tim

    So, do you get credit for my views through Google Reader? If not, I’ll have to get back to the classic (i.e. cumbersome) method.


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