RIP Phillies 2010 playoff run

We (and Ruiz) will always have Halladay's no-hitter

If the Phillies want to get to the playoffs next year, I’d recommend investing in the bullpen.  The Mariners are the model to follow.  Sign a bunch of guys with good but erratic stuff, let them fight it out in spring training, and see who sticks.  Most relievers are only good for a couple years at best, so why spend money on them?  It’s not a coincidence that the teams with the best NL bullpens tend to make, and do well in, the playoffs:

NL 2010
1. San Diego (2.81 era, 9.5 k/9)
2. San Francisco (2.99, 8.6 k/9)
3. Atlanta (3.11, 10.1 k/9)
10. Philadelphia (4.02, 8.1 k/9)

NL 2009
1. LA Dodgers (3.14, 8.2 k/9)
2. San Francisco (3.49, 7.9 k/9)
9. Philadelphia (3.91, 7.6 k/9)

NL 2008
1. Philadelphia (3.22, 7.7 k/9)
2. LA Dodgers (3.34, 8.6 k/9)

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