Manny Ramirez Seeks 2-Year Deal With MLB Umpire Union

Safe! Out! Both!

Chicago – Manny Ramirez announced through agent Scott Boras that he is seeking a two-year deal with the MLB’s Umpire Union this off-season.  Manny, a free agent, expressed his desire to “play for the team in black” and that umpiring is a position he’s always wanted to try.  Boras is preparing binders illustrating how Ramirez stacks up with the best umpires all-time, and that there is already “significant interest” in his client from several umpiring crews.

Manny said that umpiring was just “the next step” in his baseball career, and that he was looking forward to touching every baseball used in a game.  He is open to starting the year in the Umpire Training Program, but is confident that he can umpire at a big league level.  “I harbor no hard feelings towards the Red Sox organization,” Manny said in response to a question that was not asked, “and I would love to be an umpire in the Red Sox organization someday.” 

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