a couple notes on blog traffic and productivity

the source of my traffic

1)  A large chunk of traffic this site is currently receiving comes from people searching for Flo, the spokeswoman for Progressive Insurance.  Most of these searches arrive here via the keywords “progressive flo” and “flo from progressive.”  How affirming it is to have your blog receive attention for the phrase “progressive flo.”  I’m guessing these are Google image searches, since the photo of her I used in this post is the 6th image that Google image search returns for “progressive flo.”

We may see a lot of people dressing up as Flo for Halloween.

2)  Trends in my posting:

the quantification of my writing

I can identify, from the graph above, three discrete time periods which are educational to me on a personal level:

The Honeymoon period (Dec ’09 – February ’10).  23.3 posts/month.  New blog, lots of ideas, learning basic WordPress stuff.

The Duldrums (March ’10 – July ’10).  7.6 posts/month.  The novelty has worn off, summer is busy.

Since I moved out of a big house filled with my friends and started living more on my own, with fewer people to talk to on a regular basis (since August 1st). 16.3 posts/month and counting.


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