Fire Joe Morgan at Deadspin

The writers from Fire Joe Morgan posted a bunch of articles on Deadspin on September 22nd.  The whole list is viewable here:

They’ve lost none of their humor or eye for detail, or their vulgarity.  I want to highlight one particular article, however, which made me laugh out loud.  This article is a breakdown of a recent Murray Chass blog post.

The Fire Joe Morgan take / The original Murray Chass piece.

The Murray Chass piece, titled “Winners Who Have Loses” may be, and I’m saying this without attempt at exaggeration, the most asasine and boring piece of writing I’ve ever seen from a nationally-recognized writer.  It reads like it was written by a 5th grader trying to do “baseball analysis.”

I won’t attempt any more description of it, as the FJM piece does it better than I possibly could.  But read both articles, because they’re both hilarious in their own way.


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