Quick Observations From Moving

  1. 10′ U-Haul

    I can parallel park these things like nobody’s business (right).

  2. The vending machine at the U-Haul location at 47th & Chestnut is a throwback to 1998 prices.  Chips are 50 cents and candy bars are 60 cents.  Of course, 1998 may be the last time that vending machine was serviced.
  3. U-Haul offers insurance for your stuff against almost every disaster conceivable.  Lightning, smoke, fire (they’re separate), flood, hurricane (yep), tornado, earthquake, vandalism, theft.  But they don’t seem to offer volcano insurance.
  4. If you find yourself with half a roll of aluminum foil and nothing to do with it, I highly recommend unrolling it and balling it up like a snowball.  You’ll end up with a dodgeball-sized wad of foil that is incredibly satisfying to throw.  It doesn’t quite fly true, but it has a great sense of large volume and low mass. 

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