Thursday Linkage

I hitched my wagon to the Large Block of Uninterrupted Text train a long time ago.  So as part of my 30 minutes of advocacy per month, here are three interesting, long, uninterrupted blocks of text I’ve recently read and enjoyed.  If you’re looking for a way to spend an hour, you could do much worse:

The Atlantic Magazine: an article by Jeffrey Goldberg examining Israeli and American perspectives on Iran’s attempt to build a nuclear weapon, and how Israel may respond in the next year. 

New York Times Magazine: an interesting study of and discussion on American 20-somethings and whether they (we) are part of a discrete developmental stage that explains why we’re not all getting jobs, spouses, and kids already.

The Atlantic Magazine: an article about the Grant Study, a 70-year long study of 268 Harvard graduates begun in the late 1930s, and the study’s longtime overseer, George Vaillant.  The question asked by both the study and the article is, what makes for a happy life?


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