Lebanon and Lesotho Always Sit Together

Photo from a December 2009 NYTimes article I can no longer find

I wonder if the international representatives from Lebanon and Lesotho get tired of always sitting next to each other at the UN and other international summits.  Maybe they’re good friends, or maybe they’re hoping some country will splinter and create the new Republic of Lemantra just to break up the order.

Lebanon: “Mister Secretary, Lebanon requests that we switch seats with the honorable representative from Latvia.”

Lesotho: “Mister Secretary, Lesotho wishes the record to reflect the fact that Lebanon did not respond to Lesotho’s note.”

[note passed to the front]

Secretary General [reading]: “Do you want to get drinks after the procedural vote?  Check box one for one drink, check box two for ten drinks.”

Lebanon: “Mister Secretary, Lebanon wishes that the record show that we already spend enough time with the honorable representative from Lesotho as it is.”

Lesotho: “Mister Secretary, Lesotho would question Lebanon concerning what, exactly, Lesotho has done to upset the honorable representative from Lebanon?  Lesotho puts to the floor: are Lebanon and Lesotho not friends?”

Secretary: “Do we have to put all three of you in United Nations detention?”

Latvia: “Mister Secretary, let the record show that we had nothing to do with this.”

Lesotho: “Mister Secretary, let the floor recognize that if the honorable representatives from Lesotho, Lebanon, and Latvia are all sent to United Nations detention, we can play Settlers of Catan and it’ll be great.”

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