I wish I had never heard of the Cleveland Spiders

In a miserable season for Seattle Mariner fans, Jay Yencich at USS Mariner pointed out one of the more arcane indicators of this season’s epic futility:

After Sunday’s game, the Mariners are on pace to score 526 runs this season. Incidentally, this is three fewer runs than the 1899 Cleveland Spiders, who lost 134 games and were famously dismantled prior to the season in an effort to provide players for the St. Louis Perfectos, a conflict of interest stemming from the owners being responsible for two teams at once. The Spiders played eight fewer games than the Mariners will and the designated hitter rule wouldn’t appear for another seven decades. The good news is that the M’s aren’t going to be contracted from the league.

At least that Cleveland Spiders team finished 20-134, a winning percentage the Mariners are going to beat by a comfortable margin.  Small victories.  On a related matter, I wonder if it’s possible to buy a Cleveland Spiders baseball cap?


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