Things You Can’t Say With Flowers

What’s that, flower shop on the walk to pick up my lunch?  I can ‘Say It With Flowers’?  I have a variety of sentiments I’ve needed to express over the past few days.  Please direct me to the bouquets which express the following:

these say, "flowers"

  • “Good gravy, it’s hot out today.”
  • “I have a couch you can take if you want it.”
  • “I’ll trade you Neftali Feliz for Billy Butler in our fantasy baseball league.”
  • “Actually, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a blessing in disguise for the U.S. Navy.  The attack, combined with the sinking of the British battleship Prince of Wales several days later, convinced American commanders that the future of naval warfare was the aircraft carrier, not the battleship.  U.S. production plans were changed, and America did not waste valuable time and resources on battleships as it geared up for a two-ocean war.”
  • “I don’t want you to have any flowers.”

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