Blizzard changes its mind, like, real quick

Blizzard, the Pixar of video game makers, today scrapped plans to attach users’ real names to their posts on the company website forums (called the RealID system).  The objective of the idea was to cut down on misbehavior plauging the company’s game forums.  The initial announcement on Tuesday brought out a lot of community anger over the decision, and by Friday the company had changed its mind.

Serious comment: I can’t imagine a giant company in any other industry announcing such a sweeping change to part of its services, and then retracting that decision so quickly based on customer feedback. 

Not serious comment: I wonder if Blizzard polled their fanbase about the decision.  The voting profile probably broke down something like this:

All In Favor of RealID system:

  • JakeRussel67
  • MBKurtz
  • Eileen.Lee[Chicago,IL]

All Opposed to the RealID system:

  • Cocksukah45
  • |Killaz|FlippyGibb3t
  • g3rBilAnus

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