The Discipline Of Sport Hopes To Re-Sign LeBron James

human free agent

Cleveland, OH – Two minutes after LeBron James officially became a free agent, the discipline of sport began its push to re-sign the Cleveland basketball player.  At 12:03 am Thursday the most coveted free agent in the history of playful, organized human exertion met with executives from the celebration of the human body that is athletics.  The tour included watching children playing dodgeball in the park, a photographic montage of World Cup crowd reaction shots, and a medical presentation on the health benefits of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day.

Athletics is considered the favorite to re-sign James, where it will start him as a basketball player.  But there are other contenders for the human being James.  The application of science and human ingenuity to the natural world which is engineering is expected to make a strong push.  The articulation of mankind’s hopes and dreams as manifested in poetry is considered a long shot, despite significant cap room created by no meaningful contributions to the world in the past one hundred years.


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