Alexi Lalas Cares

I post this 2-minute ESPN video because Alexi Lalas shows a degree of intensity and investment we rarely get to see from national sports commentators.  Hell, since broad swaths of broadcast journalism have ditched their traditional impartiality, we might as well get some impassioned sports commentators, too.

One thought on “Alexi Lalas Cares

  1. Merty

    YOU are so RIGHT. Lexi Lalas was PISSED OFF after that game. You have to give it to Lalas. I really appreciated that from him. He has not been my favorite guy… but I really like him now.

    Bob Bradley needs to FIGURE OUT his line up. Get Onyewu out. How many midfielders is he going to try with his son before he realizes that the problem might lie…. with his son?? Sure he scored a goal, so I’m sure he’ll never be substituted by Pops now, but if the problem is in the midfield and you’ve tried 4 different guys there — and the problem continues — maybe it’s time to change the guy he keeps leaving in there!!

    And FIFA needs to QUIT putting refs from small, poor countries in charge of World Cup games. They are susceptible to bribes (as we learned after World Cup 2002) and Komen Coulibably of Mali appears to be the latest one.

    We Wuz Robbed.


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