Urban Olympics: The Biathlon

Not us

My housemates and I competed in the men’s 3ish mile urban biathlon this afternoon.  The results were as follows:

  1. Jeff, 11 hits
  2. Nicholas, 9 hits
  3. Jon, 8 hits

For those not familiar with the somewhat-arcane urban biathlon scoring rules, here is a basic overview.  You run for a while.  Then you stop, and throw 5 snowballs at a stop sign about, oh, thirty feet away.  For every  miss, you do 5 push ups.  Repeat.  The third and fourth shooting rounds are on the ground, where the biathlonlete (the technical term) does a sit-up and throws a snowball as he rises up.  The winner is the one with the most targets hit.

Alternatives involve sprinting to the target and back once for each miss while the rest of the field is allowed to continue on the course.  This variation is more popular with people who enjoy sprinting.

2 thoughts on “Urban Olympics: The Biathlon

  1. Jon

    For the record we dropped the part where the other biathlonletes started running again after their penalities instead waiting for the others to finish and regroup. If I had known that the running part wouldn’t count I’d have played more baseball as a youth.

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