The Progressive Woman

Selling insurance in purgatory

I’ve been impressed with Progressive for sticking with the ad campaign featuring Flo the Progressive Sales Woman in White.  The first few ads felt forced, but I guess long-running campaigns featuring central characters (see: Geico) is the name of the game in today’s insurance business.  They have unapologetically stuck with the campaign, and it has grown on me.

I do wonder about that actress, though.  I wonder if she has to avoid wearing red lipstick and white clothing or risk being identified everywhere.  Also, that Progressive store reminds me of a store in heaven.  Or perhaps purgatory.  White everywhere, vague empty boxes containing concepts rather than objects.  No identifiable walls, floor, ceiling or exits.  It’s a surreal place, Flo’s domain.

Lastly, has anyone noticed how switching to All State/Progressive/Geico could save you money?  And that people who do switch save, on average, $xxx per year?  I’ve never shopped for insurance, but I imagine that the reason a person switches carriers is to save money, and that it is a largely voluntary action.  Thus, people don’t switch insurance companies in order to pay more money.  Just sayin’.


One thought on “The Progressive Woman

  1. nmirra Post author

    NB: eagle-eyed reader Zack points out that sometimes people switch insurance carriers in order to get a different plan. And sometimes those plans cost more money than their old one. He also points out that switching insurance plans is a hassle, and that one point of these ads is to suggest to the viewer that switching to THIS company is worth the hassle.

    Yes, I get it. I’m not an idiot. Try posting on your own blog, Zack, instead of deflating other people’s posts with annoying, literal-minded observations.


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