Advance Praise For The Dictionary

My paperback Oxford American Dictionary has a gold star on the cover, inside of which is printed this praise from the Library Journal: “Highly Recommended!”

Does saying this dictionary is ‘highly recommended’ make people buy it?  Aside from acclaim for things like derivation and pronunciation keys, which 90% of purchasers don’t care about, what is there to praise?  Does the hard-bound version have quotes from famous authors on the inside of the dust jacket?

  • “Has all the words I’ll ever need.” ~Sherman Alexie
  • “Easy to flip pages.” ~Writer’s Guide
  • “Exhilarating…resplendent…contains enough adjectives to fill a Merovingian sepulcher.” ~somebody pompous enough to be quoted praising a dictionary

On the inside of the back cover: “If you enjoyed The Dictionary, check out The Thesaurus, the book readers are calling ‘Useful…handy…suitable…exactly what you need for a specific task or moment!'”


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