Politically Incorrect News Analysis

Reading this morning about Toyota president Akio Toyoda’s press conference led my sick, sarcastic mind to wonder if he will end up committing seppuku for dishonoring his family, company, and nation.

He is the grandson of the founder of Toyota, Kiichiro "Corolla" Toyoda

Japanese culture traditionally places high importance on honor and personal responsibility.  It then occurred to me that in China, the government executes business leaders when their companies commit massive safety breaches.

It makes me kind of wish that corporate executives in this country were held to as high of a standard of personal responsibility when their companies commit enormous breaches of trust.  Instead they lose their jobs, keep their pensions, and have more time for golf.

Also, the New York Times article about Toyoda’s press conference produced this great photo of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood:

Ray LaHood, who could only be named Ray LaHood

As first-rate gchat conversationalist Nick points out, the next thing LaHood did after this picture was taken was straighten his tie and call someone a vaguely Italian word that only means something to vaguely Italian dudes.


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