Awl Publiscity is Gud Publiscity

I’m in a longform improv group with friends.  We are called Leo Callahan.  Last night after practice, four of the group (myself not included) stuck around to talk about a different artistic project.  Two Temple University journalism students showed up looking for a hot story.  Here is the link to their article, but I’m putting it below because we’re in the news!

First, some facts, from the media watchdog group My Gchat Conversation With Jesse Paulsen Five Minutes Ago (MGCWJPFMA):

  • Group cast: Ali King, Jack Meaney, Jesse Paulsen, Nick Kerr, Nick Mirra, Zack Grunau.  Ali, Jack, Jesse and Scott were present at the time.
  • Jesse Paulsen wrote down their names on a piece of paper.  He has decent handwriting.
  • Jesse asked the two budding Anderson Coopers not to say our upcoming show is BYOB.

Here’s the article, complete with on-the-scene photo:

Improv Interview at Headlong Performance Insitute

From left to right: Paulsen, Liking, Meany, Sheppard

The only hint of activity on Broad St. last night came from a light inside Headlong Performance Institute at Broad and Federal Sts. Inside, wrapping up from a rehersal was Philly improv group, Leo Callahan. Although they hail from West Philadelphia, they use the South Philly space because of its energy and low hourly price.

What’s their name mean?

“Funny you should ask,” said Leo Callahan member, John Meany, laughing.

As the story goes, Leo Callahan was the only inmate to successfully escape the Eastern State Penitentiary. He’s still on the loose, although by now he would be over 100 years old. Upon hearing the story, the name just stuck.
The full group actually adds up to seven but only four were on sight for this rehersal, from left to right: Jesse Paulsen, A. Liking, Scott Sheppard and John Meany. Other members of the group are Nick Kerr, Nicholas Mirra and Zack Grunav.

Next Friday, February 19th, they’re performing at Headlong Performance Institute. It’s $5 per person, BYOB. For more information, check out their Facebook at Leo Callahan.

By Danielle Zimmerman and Stephanie Wharton, Group 34, South Philadelphia

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