Quizzo Lessons

Some things I learned from hosting a home-made round of Quizzo this weekend:

Oh! Stephen A. Douglas! So obvious.

  • More people can recognize Stephen A. Douglas than I would have guessed.
  • Starting a party at 8 pm means that people are good and drunk by 10, and ready to call it at night by 1 am.  So the extra-vigorous then head out to a still-open bar, instead of falling asleep on your furniture.
  • If you put whiskey and coke on a table, and a case of PBR under the table, nobody will drink the PBR until they’ve finished the whiskey.  At which point the drunkest of the lot is under the table, finds the PBR, and shares his/her find with everybody else.
  • I have an (unhealthy?) obsession with the words habadashery, dry goods emporium, and daguerreotype.
  • Giving a logic puzzle as the final round splits the players into three sections:
    • 33%: “Oh yes!  I love these things!  Gimmie gimmie gimmie!”
    • 33%:  “You’re a jerk, I’m drunk and tired, and am not familiar with how those puzzles work.”
    • 33%:  “Hell no, I just finished my LSAT prep and am not doing damn logic puzzles for fun.”
  • No matter how drunk people are, and how low the alcohol is getting, nobody notices an unopened bottle of Kahlua if it’s sitting above eye level.
  • Making up your own game of quizzo, and having all your friends over on a Saturday night, is a freaking blast.  Thanks to everybody who came out.

3 thoughts on “Quizzo Lessons

  1. Joe

    My brother and I proudly opened the PBR before going for any whiskey. Also, I stupidly thought that that picture was Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s VP.

  2. zack

    i have steve a doug tattood on my face with the words “this is lincon’s arch rival, dogs” tattood right under it, and i was sitting in the center of the house, so that’s probably why

    also that logic game sucked. i think i had all three reactions


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