Dear Friends in Medical School,

I know you’re extraordinarily busy.  Should I keep inviting you to happy hours, parties, and such activities, frequently by using a well-meaning but insistent tone?  Does that remind you that you are missed, and that there is life outside of rotations and studying?  Or does it just piss you off because you are well aware of what you’re missing and if you don’t have time to brush my teeth why do you think I have time to spend four hours at a bar good christ it is way too evident already how I have no life and I don’t need you reminding me of it and do you honestly think that I’m just forgetting to be social and that I’m not aware of everything I’m missing good lord!?

Let me know.  Maybe over a drink sometime?


CORRECTION: Seriously – I do want to hang out.  I’m just wondering if suggesting it only makes a bad situation worse.  Let me know…maybe at a Phils game?  Eh?  C’mon, surely you have five hours to spare.  You’re not in prison.

5 thoughts on “Dear Friends in Medical School,

  1. RyeBreadandMustard

    ouch. that cuts to the quick. I know that I owe you some writing. But its true. I have no life, don’t rub it in. Most humbly and sincerely yours,

    1. nmirra Post author

      Sorry, didn’t mean to rub in it. But you really don’t hang out anymore. We went out to center city on Friday night, and I didn’t even bother calling to see if you were free.

  2. Meat

    Please keep the invites coming. I know there is life out there and I’ll seek it when I’m ready. Right now I’m like a traumatized victim, not quite ready to face my attacker, but thinking about it. One day I’ll be courageous enough and step back into that big top and watch those damn clowns. this time I’LL be laughing…I’ll be laughing.

    consequently, I’m writing this at 10:08 on a saturday night getting all psyched up to study some breast tumors in my sweat pants. that came out wrong. there are no breast tumors in my sweat pants. although i will perform yearly mammograms on them to make sure that they continue to stay that way.


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