State of the Union: Quick-Hitting Analysis

Some impressions, of questionable taste, from last night’s State of the Union address: 

  • At one point, Obama talked about injecting more money into the higher education system.  The Republicans did not applaud.  Why?  Because the more people go to college, the fewer people will vote Republican. (Of course, some conservatives say that this is due to ‘liberal indoctrination’ by liberal professors.)

Went to college, became socially liberal

Should have attended more college

  • Call me a snotty undemocratic elitist, but I kinda want the best and the brightest to run the country.  I dunno, I just think they’re more qualified to do the job.  I want the best cook making my meal, the best pilot flying my plane, and the smartest and most capable people running the country.
  • This (above) is why I want to enter a cheat code into my political system that allows Obama to govern without thought to, consideration for, any other politicians of any party.  I guess that’s a King, but I’m all for enlightened monarchy over lowest-common-denominator mob rule.

If I was good with photoshop, I'd replace Aragorn with Obama

  • In the last few days, Iran singled out Germany and accused them of helping support the civil unrest Iran has been experiencing.  Maybe it’s time we let the Germans have a real military again.  Hey, desperate times for desperate measures, right?  Give them five years to get back up to steam, and then let ’em loose.  I’m pretty confident they’d be on our side this time, and it’s pretty clear that Germany is good at having an army

Except instead of being a philosophical sociopath, Germany would be a bureaucratic but highly efficient and motivated military force

  • Let’s think about this for a minute.  What is hampering America’s fight against Islamic extremism?  Broadly speaking, we are having trouble funding the war, convincing allies to help, and we are losing the propoganda war.  History suggests a militant German state is good at all of those things.

5 thoughts on “State of the Union: Quick-Hitting Analysis

  1. Nick

    You say these comments are of questionable taste, but that is because you are a civilized, rational adult with a moral compass. Think about the real world, the internet, and the state of journalism. This is one of the most quaint things I’ve read all day.

    Sadly, we are living in a world in which a call on the internet to re-form the Nazi party to fight terrorists is not an extreme point of view.

    1. nmirra Post author

      You may be onto something there, Joe. Google is way more efficient than the US Government. And the French Foreign Legion ( could be replicated with all of the American wackos currently playing paint ball in West Virginia. Private sector funding and efficiency combined with sociopathic xenophobia!

      Actually, aren’t we approaching the plot of Swordfish?

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