Seattle’s Rotation May Decline in 2010

I found a very interesting baseball statistic today, which I’m sharing with you whether you like it or not.  Here are two pitchers from 2009:

Pitcher 1: 14-13, 231 innings, 245 hits, 43 walks, 181 K, 3.22 era, 1.25 WHIP
Pitcher 2: 13-9, 216 innings, 176 hits, 67 walks, 169 K, 2.71 era, 1.13 WHIP

Which pitcher would you rather have had on your team?  Probably Pitcher 2.  Well the Seattle Mariners are being lauded for their off-season moves, including trading for Cliff Lee.  His 2009 season is Pitcher 1.

Pitcher 2, however, is the combined Seattle production of Jarrod “Overachiever” Washburn and Erik “Underachiever” Bedard.  The Mariners essentially traded for Lee to replace Bedard and Washburn.  But it will be a stretch to ask Lee to throw 216 innings in 2010 with such excellent results.  That, combined with the difficulty in Felix Hernandez improving upon his 2009 season means that the top of Seattle’s rotation in 2010 may actually perform worse than it did in 2009.

I wrote essentially this over at All Swings Considered.  But I’m sharing it with you fine people because, well, because it’s educational, that’s why!


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