The Global World Series

Gratuitous Ichiro photo

Link: A post I made to All Swings Considered about the idea of a yearly series between the winner of the World Series and their Japanese League counterparts.  I think it’s a terrific idea.


2 thoughts on “The Global World Series

  1. Julie


    Since you are a baseball person (as am I), I just thought I would let you know that while in Las Vegas I was double-fisting it on NYE and at the last minute decided to jump into a full elevator. There was a gentleman to my right – standing close to the buttons – and I said, “Would you be so kind as to push 35 for me?” He replied, “It would be my pleasure to do so.” At which point, I thanked him.

    Because the elevator was so full, and I was the last to enter, and I had two drinks in my hand, I had to step out of the elevator to let this man who pushed my buttons (so to speak) out of the elevator. As he walked past me I realized it was Joe Torre.

    If I had had the presence of mind to react swiftly, I would have told him that this was our second meeting, the first was approximately 43 years ago when I was 8 years old. He and Phil Niekro were tasked by the Braves organization to go sign autographs at Avondale Estates Elementary School during the fall school fair.

    I will never forget walking up to the table and sitting down across from them as they signed my piece of paper…not because I had any full realization that they were famous, but rather because they radiated coolness…and this was obvious even to a naive 8 year old…they were yucking it up between them, having a great time talking about who knows what. And it was one of those moments that I will never forget.

    My love affair with Joe Torre picked up again when he started coaching the Yankees, which makes no sense at all given I am a DIE HARD Red Sox fan. But you just have to admire someone who does a great job mananging up, down, and all around him while making it look effortless.

    When he moved to the Dodgers and picked up Manny, I felt his pain…I think I actually may have prayed for him.

    Anyway, it’s a baseball story of a sort. It’s probably more a story about a guy who happens to have spent his life in baseball who I also happen to admire.

    I don’t admire many people; I have a high bar.

    But I do admire your writing.


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