The Dysentery Diaries – Day 8

wash yo hands, goshdarnit!

do not prepare food for others

The internet is an unprecedented resource for the isolated and the lonely to find people with whom they can connect.  In that spirit, I am keeping this diary of my battle with dysentery, so that others may know that they are not alone in the foxhole.

  • Just saw an ad for the 2010 PGA golf season on TV.  It showed Phil Mickelson and several other golfers who are most famous for having beaten Tiger Woods one time.  The season’s motto should be, “Shit, Now What?”
  • Too many websites dealing with “The Dreary Dys” are those dreadful “Loveletter to Tery” sites that promote an unhealthy obsession with the disease.  I don’t understand how that got started.
  • There was a 60-hour window there where I consumed only water, gatorade, and a little Jell-O.  I was surprised at how energetic I felt.  Not eating any meals meant that I had no post-meal drowsiness.  I also was hungry more out of principle than out of tummy rumbling.  It makes you wonder if maybe you can wean yourself off food.  That experiment would probably be pretty interesting, until one unexpected moment when your body tells you that you are not special, your legs give out, and you fall down two flights of stairs.
  • I sat on a crowded bus in Ecuador and watched 2012, dubbed in Spanish, on a 10-inch TV.  You learn a lot about movies and television when you don’t have sound.  In that movie, John Cusack and friends escape from natural disasters three times in a row, in exactly the same way.  The ground starts to crack, they scramble into a plane, and fly away just as the runway falls apart.  They do this first in LA.  Then they do this in Yosemite (or somewhere).  Finally they — whooop, gtg.

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