The Dysentery Diaries – Day 6

wash your hands with soap and warm water

Here is another salvo in the ongoing fight to educate the public on dysentery and the lives of those who fight it.

  • Tim Tebow played his last college football game yesterday, throwing for 482 yards on 31/35 completions.  From all accounts the man is a good person, competitive but humble, good values, and grateful for what he has.  He cites Bible passages on his eyeblack.  It’s going to be a real shame if he gets drafted by the Oakland Raiders.
  • One recipe for a good New Year’s Eve house party includes the following ingredients: a warm, brightly-lit house with ample common space and bathroom access; enough alcohol for everybody; snacks, including chocolate; at least two social circles represented, with several key introduction-makers in common; a good sound system; a 3:2 taken-to-single ratio of attendees; a few good friends visiting from out of town.
  • With Tiger Woods’s fiasco, LeBron James seems to have taken over the title of Most Marketable Athlete.
  • Ciprofloxain works in the following way.  It draws a line in the sand with its toe and says, “I dare ya to cross it.”  Dysentery crosses it.  Ciprofloxain takes a step back, draws a second line, and issues a second challenge.  Dysentery steps over that line.  This process is repeated, usually 3-4 times, until dysentery steps over the final line and falls off a cliff.

I hope this helps shed some light on the – brb


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