The Dysentery Diaries – Day 3

Confrontation Through Chaps

Strength Through Confrontation

I have not met anyone who has suffered from dysentery, or “The Dirty D” as we call it, so I imagine there are a lot of misconceptions about the illness.  Such misconceptions can cause those who do suffer this illness to hide it out of shame of some hearsay.  Thus, with a week off from work and ample time on my hands, I thought I would jot down some thoughts on the nature of this ignoble, but not disabling, illness.

  • The first time I tried to text the word ‘dysentery,’ my cell phone’s smart-type software thought I was trying to write “expenvery.”  This is a common obstacle faced by “first-time dippers.”  The best remedy?  Keep texting your friends.  Eventually your phone will figure it out.
  • This became the Dysentery Diaries at about 2:30 pm today at the hospital ER.  Up to that point, it was the No Way I Can’t Believe I’m Going Back To The Bathroom Again Diaries.
  • I watched Eastern Promises today, and quite enjoyed it.  Viggo Mortensen is an excellent actor in my book.  I cannot think of another actor who can convey so much while remaining so quiet.  The movie also offers an interesting distillation of the inclinations of its director, David Cronenberg.  In one scene, Viggo’s character is about to chop the fingers off a corpse.  He calmly tells the two people in the room, whom he knows do not have the stomach for such work, that they probably should leave.  Cronenberg does not, of course, let the audience leave the room, and we see the finger come off.  This speaks to a-whoop, gotta go.

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